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MAP Trading & Investment UK Ltd. & MAP Food Investments

MAP Trading and Investment UK Ltd. And MAP Food Investments has found the right balance between product development and price to suit the needs of its specific customers and a structure complex enough to operate its growing global market. The focus of our marketing strategies is expansion by developing new market segments. The management of our marketing mix of product, price, promotion and distribution is structured to maximize the fit between the purchasing behavior and needs of consumers in a given segment and the marketing mix, thereby maximizing sales in every segment. We help customers succeed through collaboration and innovation, and are committed to sharing our global   knowledge and experience to help meet economic, environmental and social challenges.

Key Commodities

Key Product is Rice

Rice – Basmati and Non Basmati Brands


Super Basmati 2000

Basmati 2000

Basmati 385

  • Length 7.54 mm 
  • Width 1.62 mm
  • Thickness 1.51 mm
  • Shape - Slender with cooking
  • Characteristics of elongation ratio -  1:93
  • Amylose content 24.2 %
  • Gel Content 63 %
  • Alkali Spread Value 4.7 %
  • Length 7.66 mm 
  • Width 1.80 mm
  • Thickness 1.64 mm
  • Shape Slender with cooking
  • Characteristics of elongation ratio 1:93
  • Amylose content 23.2 %
  • Gel Content 77 %
  • Alkali Spread Value 5 % Extra LONG GRAIN AROMA RICE
  • Length 6.73 mm 
  • Width 1.64 mm
  • Thickness 1.52 mm
  • Shape - Slender with cooking
  • Characteristics of elongation ratio 2:02
  • Amylose content 4.6 %
  • Gel Content 66.7 %
  • Alkali Spread Value 4.7 %

In addition to Basmati Rice we also have the following :



Distribution brands

Trade and distribution have consistently been the foundation for developing our own brands. MAP Services Group’s future in the global market place would be one of creator of synergies between industrial, trading and financial services. MAP Services food company MAP Food Investments private label food products are prepared with the finest ingredients available under the supervision of our team of food experts. Our food products are subject to vigorous quality control at every step of the processing procedure to guarantee that all products carrying the MFI label meet the highest standards. Our in house brands include:

Soultana – Retail pack rice
Alpine – Health Drink
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